Bidding Over One Club - BOOC Bidding Over One Club - BOOC

Probably the single most used card in the bidding box is the 1 call.  (And for sure the least is the 7NT card.)  Below is the treatment we use when the opponents open with that bid...

Double Transfer to diamonds
1 Bid Both Majors
1NTBalanced hand with 11-15 HCP
1 or 1May be a 4-card suit with 6+ HCP

The Michaels Cue Bid
The Michaels agreement is very popular, but it always promise at least 5-5 in the two suits.  sometimes you will hold a hand with 4-4 or 4-5 in your two suits and not enough strength to push the bidding to the second level.  We can handle that problem with the BOOC bids.

Overcall with One Diamond
This is an artificial bid and must be alerted... The description is that it shows both majors, but not necessarily 5-5 in the two suits.
Any of these four hands would qualify:


Hmmm... okay, but what if you actually have a diamond suit, or maybe a diamond suit with a major?

Although the double is a transfer to diamonds, showing at least a 5-card suit, the doubler may also have a 4-card major.  Here are a couple of typical hands: